Salvation History in Stained Glass

A virtual tour of the stained glass windows of St. Charles Church

The windows of St. Charles Church are dedicated to the glory of God, to enhance the beauty of our worship environment, and to remind us of the saving deeds of our God in the past, present and future.


passion/resurrection windows

The windows of the Passion begin with Christ's entry into Jerusalem. Jesus is met by His followers who are spreading palm branches and crying out to Him. To the right, Christ is before Pilate. The color pallette has darkened considerably. Jesus has been scourged and stripped of His garments. On the Road to Calvary He is shown bearing down under the weight of the Cross. The colors and over-all motion suggest the agony and torment of the time. This leads into the Crucifixion, as St. John, Mary and Mary Magdalene are with him. The two thieves who were crucified are in the upper right and left areas of the window. The colors and motion again attest to this tragic moment. The next area represents the Pieta, with the Virgin cradling Christ, now dead, in her arms. The last section relates to the Entombment where a soldier is ready to stand guard and Mary and Joseph of Arimathea standing by the great stone which will seal the sepulchre. The Holy Spirit hovers above.


The next window depicts the Resurrection of Christ. Christ is rising triumphantly from the tomb, carrying the Banner of the Resurrection. The soldiers guarding the tomb have fallen into a deep sleep. Color and line suggest the majesty of the supernatural occurrence. The Holy Spirit promised to the Church by Jesus is above. A butterfly, suggesting the regeneration of life, is to the far right. This window, through color as well as subject, defines the moment that Christ is entering triumphant into the Kingdom of Heaven.

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